Gallery of Gun Dogs Trained and Bred by Country Fowl Retrievers

Here are some pictures that capture the spirit and essence of Country Fowl Retrievers.  They showcase our clean, efficient facilities and spacious grounds for long-term and overnight dog boarding and gun dog puppy obedience school for training, as well as the rugged, bird-filled terrain that serves as our labrador gun dog training grounds. And, of course, who can resist puppy pics and handsome canine portraits? Feast your eyes, and give Kimberly Bertalotto a call or text at (541) 212-2474 when you’re ready to buy, train, or board your dogs!
“Kimberly is very knowledgeable and professional. You can tell she cares very much about her dogs and how her pups are doing! We are so glad we bought little Rosie from her! Highly recommended for anyone looking for a great pup!!!!”
Erica Ahlvers