We breed top-tier AKC and UKC gun dogs and we stand proven studs. Check our info pages and gallery, and then call owner Kimberly Bertalotto at (541) 212-2474 to learn how you can breed or own your own highly successful gun dog.

A cement-floor kennel with fenced-in runs isn’t what you’re looking for when you need to board your valuable hunting dog or your beloved family pet, and a bored kid with a shedding comb and slicker brush isn’t a professional groomer. We have trained staff that respect you and your dog, and that includes allowing dogs to “be dogs” in the four ponds and spacious play areas that make up our boarding facilities. And our patient groomers are ready to reverse all signs of the fun your dog has had in your absence.

Contact us to learn more about Country Fowl Retrievers or to arrange a visit. We are proud of our founder/owner and lead trainer Kimberly Bertalotto’s reputation in the field and in the world of top-tier gun dog training. Her stellar breeding program has made award-winning contributions to labrador retriever breeding that will continue to improve the breed for generations. Contact Kimberly by calling (541) 212-2474 or send a text.
“We got our pup, Hank, from Country Fowl Retrievers in October & couldn’t have asked for a better dog!! He has SO much drive and goes absolutely crazy when you pull out his duck or a gun. Kim is so educated when it comes to her dogs and just labs in general! Cannot wait to take Hank out next duck season!”
— Kirsti T.